"Don't walk like u r the KING of the world , just walk like u don't care who is the KING of the world."

"I am not failed my success is just POSTPONE." 

"I know i m something because god doesn't create garbage."

"He who doesn't carried your BURDEN, doesn't know what its weights."

"Mistake is a single page of life but relation is complete book. So don't lose a full book for a single reason."

"The more U learn, the more U know,
the more U know, the more U forget,
the more U forget then less U learn ..SO WHY LEARN???"

"U can  not stop the wave but U can learn to surf."

"Don't say the world dirty because U forget to clean your glasses."

"If everyone would lok for that uniqueness then we would have a very colorful world."

"Work hard in silence and let the success make noise."

"If u really want to fly with eagles, don't waste Ur time with turkeys."

"HOPE and FAITH are the two wings of success."

"A teacher teaches a lesson and then keeps a exam but life keeps the exam first then teachs the lesson."

"We all have ability but the difference is how we use it."

"The man who makes no mistakes, doesn't usually make anything."

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"A man who is master of patience is a master of everything."

" The man without imagination is like bird without wings."

"Children are like wet cement whatever falls on them makes an impression."

"Short and  Sweet expressions says more than a thousand words."

"The only way to make a right decision is to know what the wrong decision is."

"The power of sun at sunset is much more than sun rise."

"Everybody supports U in Ur prosperity but no body supports U in Ur adversity."

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